Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Beauty haul!- Avon,essence,l'oreal etc...

hey! so ive actually been tring not to spend alot of money lately since my birthday is next month and then christmas (anyone else already excited?!)  but i have picked up a few things that im super excited to try!

l'oreal lipstick "303 tender rose"

this first caught my eye because of the gorgeous packaging, then i saw the colour, it is a gorgeous baby pink that i think is actually more of a summer colour but aww well i also came to the realisation that i only have one other baby pink lipstick and it is a matte colour so i thought this gorgeous shimmered one would fit in perfectly to my collection. i tried it on though and i think it washes out my face abit but i havent completely given up on it yet as it is a summer colour and i still think it would look amazing with a tan and some gloss over it!

Rimmel eyeshadow quad "016 urban flower"

 This quad i picked up when on my SU weekend and just got it because it was on sale and i thought the neutral colours in it looked nice, also some of you may know my everyday holy grail eyeshadow trio is also rimmel so i knew i like the formulation of the eyeshadows also on the weekend we had to dress up and i dressed up as theadore from Alvin and the chipmunks and if you have seen the film you will know he wears green so i actually put the gorgeous green shadow to good use and put it in my tear duct to add a pop of colour. it actually turned out really nice in pictures! it was one of those "im such a genius!" moments!

Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation "010 ivory"

Simply i needed a new foundation fancied a change walked into superdrug and walked out again with this i didnt set out to get it and honestly it was a bit of a impulse buy, but i am so glad i did! ive only been using this for about a week so i cant give a full review but the first thing i noticed is it is SO easy to blend the application of this is effortless! and it looks so natural i will probably do a full review soon when ive tried it for a bit longer, but so far its looking good  :)

Avon true colour eyeshadow quad "mocha latte"

Again this was another impulse buy and again im dont regret it at all! for some reason ive never really took avon seriously as a makeup brand i dont know why but recently Sam from Pixiwoo on youtube has been using some of their products and they are one of my big makeup and beauty inspirations so i decided to give some a try and the ones i did try are amazing! in this quad especially the matte colours impressed me the most! they are so soft and creamy the almost feel like a cream shadow and from swatches they seem very blendable but i did only get them yesterday so i cant really review. I will do a review in a few weeks though so you can look out for that :)

Avon glimmerstick brow definer "blonde"

i got this yesterday with the quad above and wore it to school today and i was really impressed with it i know im not blonde but i think the colour is perfect for me .. well again ive only used it once but im impressed so far!

Essence mascarras!

i dont want to say too much about these but basically as you may know i first tried an essence mascarra over summer and was really impressed! so i have decided to try a few more and give a review of essence mascarras so if you would be interested in that make sure to leave me a comment below letting me know! <3

hope you enjoyed make sure you let me know what you think in the comments.....
-have you tried some of these products?



  1. I have Avon's quads in Mocha Late and Smoky Eyes! They are nicely pigmented, I really like their quads, especially the more shimmery shades! :)

  2. Avon's glimmersticks are amazing! I have one in Sugar Plum, it's so pigmented and lasts all day. :)


    1. thanks! i actually seen that one in the book i might get it next time it looks gorgeous!! <3

  3. That L'oreal lipstick looks an amazing colour! And I ADORe dream matt mouse :) xxx

  4. I love the pearl and the green tone of the one palette!


  5. The avon eyeshadow quad looks soooo nice! Xxxxx

  6. rimmel quad is sooooo pretty !!! xxx

  7. I just nominated you for the Liebster award x

  8. I love the dream mousse foundation line. It's so nice! I also love that lipstick color, I'm gonna need to look for it myself!

    PS found you from the Bloglovetherapy blog hop.

  9. nice products *_* thank you for the swatches! your blog is very good and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


  10. i love the color of that lipstick! i just nominated you for the Liebster Award! if you want to participate you can find my post at:

  11. Hey Alana,

    Just found your blog. Great post, some really good buys.

    I really like the L'Oreal Lipstick, such a pretty wearable colour :)

    Laura x

  12. really great haul! lots of nice products!
    check out my blog:

  13. Love the haul!! please review soon! :)

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