Monday, 15 October 2012

Je deteste le Francais!

Recently I have been so busy with schoolwork some of you may already know that I have my GCSEs this year so I am constantly getting controlled assessments and this week has been no different I have French orals tomorrow and need to know 4 pages of French by heart! So as you can imagine that is quite stressful! But anyway on to the point of the post I started my blog as a place where I can go and be myself and put on it whatever I want but recently I think I have been forcing posts just to get something up and haven't really been inspired lately.. Then I realised it's because I have only been posting about makeup and beauty when although I love that and that is the main purpose of my blog it isn't my whole life! And this is my space on the Internet that I want to fill with me and if I want to do a random post like this then why not it's what's in my head now now makeup you may be thinking Alana I really don't care about your life! And thats fine just read my beauty posts but but recently when I read through my blog I don't see me I see a beauty blogger like all the others and that's not what I want my blog to be about I want my personality to shine through so when I do talk about make up and products you'll know who is recommending them. I hope you found this post interesting and I really better get back to learning French this was just mention to be a quick post on my iPod ( I couldn't justify getting on my laptop when I should be revising! ) so yea now I really have to go but I hope you have a great day!

Alana xx


  1. Good luck in your French exam, I had them last year so I know what it is like. I quite enjoy reading lifestyle posts it adds more personality to blog x

  2. Good lovely lovely I did French AND German for GCSE's and ALevels hehe and spoke German in my French exam - I passed well - so I say you'll do Très Bien hehe don't worry! But I am loving your blog and am definitely your newest follower - do you think you could check mine out and follow back please?

  3. Good luck :) I remember French A-level, so exhausting haha!!



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