Sunday, 22 July 2012

review: soap and glory skin and body care

hey everyone! todays post is a review on the soap&glory products i have been using. if you have any recomendations or want me to try a product to review feel free to leave a comment below!

Hand Food - hydrating hand cream

ok so this hand cream has been raved about alot and i know why! it is so soft and leaves your hands feeling so smooth and not sticky i used to be a gymnast so i have very rough skin on my hands from doing bars for so many years and this hand cream has actually helped that alot! its smells really good to which is always a bonus and they are not joking when they say "hand food" because it actually contains marshmallow!! (im not joking!) i never used to use hand cream on a daily basis but since i found this one i never leave the house without it! you can also get a travel size which is 50mls which is perfect for throughing in your handbag!

Clean on me - moisture shower gel.

ok so im not really that fussy with my shower gel i usally just use whatever i find in the shower that day! but i really like this one! its so moisturising and lathers so well! it smells really good aswell but the smell doesnt linger which i like :)

Girligo - spray on body moisturizing mist

i think along with hand food this is one of my favourite s&g products! it is so moisturising and when you spray it the product sprays evenly onto your skin instead of some sprays that tip a load of product in one place!

The righteous butter - body moisturizer

when i first used this moisturizer i noticed a difference straight away i think it works best if you apply it right after a shower or bath when then when your skin is dried it is so so so soft!! it doesnt have a scent either!this moisturizer is perfect for anyone who has dry skn but i feel any skin type could love this!another thing i love about this moisturizer is that it is not greecy at all and absorbs into your skin really quickly!

Glad hair day - shampoo

i know this product was in my june favourites but since then i ran out and was going to get it again but before i got it i notice that since i changed shampoo i noticed my hair stayed fresher for so much longer! so i ended up not getting it again but it does leave your hair really soft but you will need to wash it again the next day.

flake away - body polish

i wanted to save one of the best til last and this one is definatly a favourite! i know in the picture it looks like ive barly used any but its beacause ive used one up and got a new one! again this just leaves your skin so soft (i feel like ive said that about 12345653211 times!) but this is literally the BEST exfoliater ive ever tried! it smells good to but its a really light scent and goes once youve washed it off.this is the product ive been using longest and just love it so much !! :)

i hope you all enjoyed this review i know it was quite repetitive!
also i would like to give a huge shout out to megan who is a reader of my blog and who emailed me a lovely message and weve been chatting since! LOVE YOU MEGAN! <3

so again hope you enjoyed and please leave a comment and follow!

byee <3

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