Tuesday, 24 July 2012

DIY beauty series! #2 make your own lip scrub!

lip scrub!

hey everyone! so i noticed that generally lip scrubs are quite expensive so i was excited to see that we can make our own at home!! hope you enjoy please comment and follow if you did! :)

What you will need....

*container/tub to keep it in
*olive oil
*Vaseline/petroleum jelly
*chap stick
* sugar
*something to mix with.

1.cut off about 2cms down of chap stick (the more you use the more flavour and colour your scrub will have.) crush it (to make mixing easier) and add it to the container.

2.add about 3/4 tablespoon of petroleum jelly/Vaseline to the container (the more pjelly the thicker the consistency)

3.add about 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil
- if the mixture gets to watery add pjelly if it gets to thick add more olive oil :)

4.add alot of  sugar (brown would be best)! its up to you the more you add the more exfoliating it will be!!

5.mix your products and add more if necessary until you are happy with it them leave it in the fridge over night to set then you have a lip scrub!! i think this lipscrub is definatly comparable with the lush lipscrubs! :)

hope you enjoyed and please comment if you try this of enjoyed this tutorial and don't forget to follow!        
                                                                    byee <3

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