Sunday, 18 November 2012

sunday summary- braces,birthday and breaking dawn!!

hey everyone!! i hope you've had a good week? mine has definitely had its ups and downs! my week started with getting braces on tuesday and i have to say it was not the most pleasant experience, i didn't like my dentist and i have sensitive teeth so when he shot the air and water thing i nearly jumped off the seat, it was freezing! so for the next few days i stuck to soup and ice cream and felt like my teeth could fall out oh yea and the wires were chopping up the inside of my mouth! ive started to get used to them now and i ate a sandwich today so I'm pretty proud of myself! just another 18 months to go :(

But.. my week got alot better when i went to see breaking dawn part two on saturday with neave it was amazing!! id definitely recommend it if you haven't seen it yet and it was also the day that the Christmas lights were turned on in my town so we went after to see the fireworks!.. OH and we got our photo taken with a real reindeer he was so cute! so i have definitely gotten into the christmas spirit this week!

im not sure if ive mentioned this but its my birthday next saturday and i got an amazing surprise today neave came over with my present (she wanted me to get it early in case i bought it myself!!)and she got me the naked pallet i was so pleasantly surprised thank you neave! and definitely expect to see it staring in some fotds!! the colours are so beautiful and i cant stop looking at it! so that was definitely a highlight of the week!

the last thing i wanted to mention was that i hit 100 followers on friday and i just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all by beautiful followers when i first started this little blog i had no idea how much it would mean to me and i put so much time and work into it so it really is the best feeling knowing that some people are enjoying it and that im helping some people out so thank you thank you thank you!! i feel like compared to alot of other blogs mine is just a baby it 5 months old so to have hit that milestone so quick has really shocked and surprised me i am truly so grateful!

so thats another week gone id say all in all its been a good one and now its time to go to sleep and get ready for the week ahead! hope you all have a good week!!


  1. Awww hope the braces stop hurting soon!
    My friends also got told 18months and it wasn't that long so it might not be that long for you:) xx

    1. there alot better now thanks! and really i hope that happens to me to! :D xx

  2. glad you liked it ! xxx planning your christmas present already heheh x

  3. braces are horrible, best feeling when they come off!

  4. Ahhh I luckily never had to deal with braces, but my sister is getting them soon! Check out my blog?!


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