Wednesday, 21 November 2012

top 5 nail polishes for autunm/winter

hello everyone! so I'm pretty sure autumn (fall) is basically over but i have been wearing these colours thought autumn so i thought i would include it in the title :) Also you may notice a recurring trend with these nail polishes .. i was first going to do a review of no7 nail polishes but i wanted to mention the Avon one aswell because i think the colour is gorgeous!
 I've had the no7 polishes since last Christmas and they are literally all I've wore in autumn and winter even last year i wore them 24/7! i just love the formulation and the brush is a dream for application aswell. these polishes last extremely well to I've noticed i wash the dishes so nail polishes don't usually last long on me but these ones can last up to a week which i find is better than opi nail polishes!

The colours...

Avon nailwear in "midnight plum" - i don't like the formulation of this polish as much as the no7 ones its a bit thinner and at least 2 coats are definitely needed! but what i do love is the colour i took on picture with flash and one without so you can see what it looks like in different lights sometimes it can look a bit like a classic black but it has a gorgeous hint of purple!

"vivid violet" - this is perfect if you want a bit of a brighter colour but still want an autumnal colour!
"sing the blues" - this is just you classic navy polish! i think its perfect for this time of year In caparison to other navy's out there though i would say this one is a bit light so i think my next nail polish purchase will be a darker navy so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
"totally teal" - well the name sums this up quite well it is a gorgeous matte teal colour which at first i wasn't sure i would love this but I've found my self reaching for it so much recently especially with the whole khaki trend this year i think its a perfect colour for this winter!

"damson dream" - this is another classic colour it is a classic deep berry red it definitely does have pink tones to it and i would also describe it as shimmered it doesn't have glitter in it but it does have a shimmer if you know what i mean?! it is really gorgeous and christmasy (not a real word but whatever!) so I'm definitely going to be wearing this colour over Christmas this year!

thanks for stopping by i hope you enjoyed this post and found it somewhat helpful!

whats you signature colour this winter?



  1. I am loving blues right now! But all of these colors look really nice!

  2. Such pretty colours I love the green colour x

  3. Oooh Avon nail wear- interesting pick! Will have to try it out :)


  4. love your blog! Saw it on Beauty Blog Hop. Following GFC :) xo

  5. Gahh, can I have them all?! I always stand in front of the nail polishes at the shops and end up getting the most ridiculous colours that don't match anything. I'm going to make note of these colours!! x


  6. Beautiful images. I really like this post, especially the nail polishes for autumn and winter .


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