Sunday, 19 August 2012

review: simple kind to eyes eye make-up remover.

hey everyone! todays post is a review on the simple kind to eyes eye make-up remover!

this i really only picked up because it was on offer at superdrug I've never heard much about it but i was actually really impressed! it removes all of my eye makeup in no time at all!

 The only thing i would say about it is that it is a bit sticky on your eyelids and under eye which i know might be a complete turn off to some people, this for me though isn't a problem at all because i cleanse,tone and moisturise after removing my makeup.

it is available at superdrug for around £2.00 (i got it on offer so I'm not sure the exact price!)Also i have very sensitive skin and eyes and this is no problem to my skin :) if you have any more questions about the product feel free to leave me a comment :)

i would definatly recommend this product to you guys because of the great quality and price!
i hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful!

       have you tried this makeup remover ,what do you think?


  1. Hey!

    I just found you on the BBU blog hop :-)
    I'm a fan of this remover too, also try the halo eye make up remover wipes, they're in a teeny travel sized pack and I love them for on the go touch ups!

    Louise x

  2. Nice review! I haven't tried this, but I do love all the Simple face wipes and find they get all my eye makeup off anyway!

    Found your through the BBU blog hop :)

  3. Hi!

    Just stopping by from the BBU blog hop.

    I don't think you can beat simple in some ways - I used it all the time as a teen and still go back to it now and then today. Something about it just makes me think it will be around forever.

    Life in a Break Down

  4. I loved this when I owned it but I must admit I now prefer the boots cucumber one as I feel its more effective for me,

    Found you through the bbu blog hop

  5. Hi great blog, found you through BBU blog hop :)

  6. I have sensitive skin too, so makeup removers can be too harsh for me sometimes. Does this leave your lids oily feeling? Or just sticky?
    New follower! (:


  7. I tried this once and it didn't work very well for me :( I might try it again and persevere a little!

    I found you on the BBU blog hop :)

  8. I followed you from the blog hop! I hope you'll follow me back! :)


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