Friday, 31 August 2012

August Favourites!! 2012


Hey everyone! this is my 2012 August favourites!

Dove Summer glow moisturiser.

ive really been loving this moisturiser this month! it has a subtle tan in it which really does give you a summer glow, i dont use this everyday because although it says "subtle" i notice a bit difference after using it twice and it lasts for about 4 days before it fades so i only use it 2-3 times a week so it will last a long time!

i also feel alot better using this that fake tan because using this you can build it up and stop using it when you are happy but with fake tan you only use it once and hope it looks okay and time and time again it goes horribly wrong and i end up looking like a walking carrot! you can also get a shimmered version. it retails for around £5.50 i cant remember exactly.

Stila tinted moisturiser.

next is another moisturiser. if you have been reading my blog lately you will notice i have been a little obsessed with emma stone and i have done 2 inspired tutorials of her, i have used this in these and also in my back to school makeup its so natural but has pretty good coverage for a moisturiser.

burt's bees beeswax lip balm.

this is the beast lipbalm i have ever tried it has replaced my carmex in my make up bag! it is so refreshing and cooling and stays on for ages! it is quite expensive for a lip balm at £3.60 but for me it is so worth it i cant wait to carry this around in my blazer for school!

collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer.

this product has been hyped soo much in the bloggersphere and now i know why! i only got it about 2 weeks ago but i havent used anything else since it is amazing! it is pretty full coverage but it doesnt look thick and cakey it actually lookes really natural and it is really easy to blend.

rimmel kate moss lipstick shade "12"

this has been my go to lipstick this summer it is a coraly red and just gorgeous i have been applying a little bit and blending it out so it looks a bit less dramatic because i think at my age a bright red lip can look a bit too much but i love this one to add a bit of colour!

girlz only dry shampoo.

this dry shampoo i havent heard anyone else talking about and i found it completely accidentally i have always used batiste but never was to impressed with mum picked this up for me at tescos because it was on offer and i have repurchased it. it just works so well my hair hair looks fresh but it also feels really fresh and just washed which i love!

next a completely non beauty favourite now i have been loving pretty little liars! lots of people had recommended i watch it and i finally did i have finished season 1 in 3 days!! its just so additive! its a bit like 90210, one tree hill, secret life etc. but it has a bit of a dark side to it aswell like its all about murder and blackmail which i love i think that makes it way more gripping and just better!  :~)

and if you have seen it DONT TELL ME WHO A IS!! :)
hope you enjoyed my favourites!

                                                do you like pretty little liars?
                                                have you tried any of these products?


  1. I love the Kate Rimmel shade you picked, I still have not got one of these yet x

  2. I love dove and burt's bees products too~

    newest follower here, found you through the blog hop. Hope you can check out my blog too :)

  3. I love your favorites, sweet as you are!
    And I'll definitely check those Kate Moss Rimmel lipsticks, lots of great bbloggers are recommending them.
    And finally, I have something for you!
    Check it out :)

  4. love your blog. new follower anyway, if you don't mind, follow my blog.


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