Thursday, 2 August 2012

july favourites 2012!

july favourites

hey everyone so now that its the beginning of August its time for my July favourites!! they are mostly makeup items this month because i have been wearing alot more makeup and wearing different products since its summer!

1.MUA heaven and earth pallete!
this pallete is all shimmered neutral colours. i use neutral colours for a smokey eye or everyday look.and i usally prefer matte colours for an everyday eye especially for school! so this summer i reallly wanted to change it up and shimmer! all of these colours have great pigmentation and very good ware for a £4 palette! i did a full review of this which is linked here..
ok so this may sound like a strange "favourite" but after doing my DIY series this week I've notice how useful and awesome Vaseline is! and when researching for DIY beauty i realised just how many uses there are (im going to do a blog post to share with you all of the wonders of Vaseline!)
ill link below the DIY post that used Vaseline..
gel eyeliner -
lip balm -
3.rimmel waterproof gel eyeliner
this product is just perfect for summer! its water proof which is good! but its also pretty easy to remove at the end of the day as well it comes with its own brush so you can easily carry it around (perfect for festivals!!)it is super easy to apply as well  and i just love it! what more can i say?!

4.sally Hansen maximum growth nail polish.
this has just been a lifesaver for my nails this summer! as we arnt allowed nail polish in school summer the only time i can enjoy coloured nails so they've been painted constantly! this polish i always have on as a base coat and my nails are as strong as ever!

hope you all enjoyed please comment any requests or thoughts!
                                                                       byee <3

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