Saturday, 4 August 2012

bored of summer?

lost for things to do over summer? its half over and we want to make the most of the little time we have left!this isn't really a beauty post but i found this list online a thought it looked super fun and certainly gave me a few ideas!...

list of things 20 to do over the summer holidays......

1.sleep outside for a night
2.hug 10 strangers in one day
3.have 3 all nighters a house
5.spend a week without t.v
6.pretend to faint in a grocery store
7.kiss 20 guys/girls
8.tell 10 people you seen them on t.v to see their reaction
9 watch one t.v show for a whole day
10.learn to do a back flip on a trampoline
11.start singing on a bus
12.have 3-5 sleepovers in a row
13.just eat chocolate for a whole day
14.tidy your room
15.throw a party
16. put makeup on 3 guys
17.listen to the same song for 3 hours
19.compliment 10 people in a day
20. make an online friend from a different country.

so of these are definatly better than others but this list certainly gives me some ideas what have you guys been doing this summer??
                                                                       byee <3

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  1. I nearly went indoor sky diving but no spaces xx


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