Friday, 15 June 2012


ok so this is nothing beauty related but i thought i would do an update since i havent posted in a few days well remember i wrote that my exams were over? well turns out there going to domake us do an extra english exam 3 days before were off for summer! so thats kept me quite busy but i also wanted to let you all know that i have a gymnastics competition tomorrow (yes i do gymnastics if yous didnt know :) ) im super excited because its my last ever competition because im doing coaching next year so ill keep yous updated on that. oh and i have alot of blog posts planned and im so excited to do them all! and ill also have so much more time in two weeks because thats when i get off school for summer!!(CANT WAIT!!) so thats it i know its not a long of good post but i thought i would just update you all and i promise theres another post coming very very soon !
                                                               byee xo

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