Saturday, 9 June 2012

MUA heaven and earth pallette review

HI everyone!! so for my first ever proper blog post i thought i would do a review because i love this product and knew i had sooo much to say and rave about it! its the MUA heaven and earth palette.MUA is a superdrug brand that is sooo inexpensive and the quality i have found is amazing!!When i was in superdrug i asked to lady working there is because it was so inexpensive would it be bad for my skin and block my pores and she told me that MUA are made by the same company as MAC and is designed for people starting out in make-up so they can experiment without splurging too much!!Unfortunatly it is only available in the U.K but any of you outside the U.K could maybe pick it up on ebay if your interessed.ok back to the pallete it is all neutral colours and is great for a smokey eye or an everyday look.It has 12 different colours in it including a range of base colours, highlighters and darker crease colours.i love thi pallette because it is amazing for everyday use and was only £4.00 !! the pigmintation is super aswell.the only thing i would say about it is that all of the colours are shimmered (which if you like shimmered eyeshadows is perfect for you) but i also like to use matte colours so would prefere if they had some mattes in there to!The packageing is simple but also sturdy and protective so all you really need and it comes with an applicator brush which i personnally dont use but thats really down to your choice.
I just love this palette and have been using it on a day to day basis so i thought i would share that with you since it is so affordable yet the quality i would score a 3.5 out of 5 which is good!Oh and i thought i would just throw in that is a dupe for the urban decay naked 2 pallette but obviously a fraction of the price! so i hope you enjoyed my review and follow if you want to see more!

some swatches for you guys <3

byee <3

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