Friday, 8 June 2012

hey guys! so this my first blog post so i thought id let you know what im about and so on...
well where to start! basically im a 15 year old girl from the UK and i LOVE LOVE LOVE make-up beauty and all things fashion! And ive recently started getting obsessed with youtube and beauty gurus on there and realised alot of my favourite people to watch had blogs so i looked through them and got even more obsessed! haha and i thought i had alot of new fresh ideas that i havent seen anyone else do and thought i would start a blog ... and here we are haha well that was a few weeks ago now but i had exams :( which is a bit depressing BUT i finished my last one today (well i had three today but besides the point!) And the first thing i wanted to do was get my blog started so thats what im doing.unfortunately tho i havent really got my head around all this blog stuff but i cant wait to learn and now that im free from exams (finally!!) i have a tonne of free time to spend getting my blog going, this is so much fun already and im not even blogging about anything properly yet haha well i think im going to start off with some reviews and stuff and just really wait and see where i go from there :) thank you so much for reading my intro and congradualations for getting to the end and well guess ill see you soon !

byee <3

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