Monday, 18 June 2012

my top 5 perfumes right now!

hey everyone! so i know my update said i would tell you all how my gymnastics competition went on my next post but i kinda have alot to say so im going to do a seperate post on that,anyway so this post is going to be on my top 5 pefumes of all time! just to let you all know this is my personal opinion and not all of these perfumes my be for you but ill try to describe them as best as posible!

5  paul smith floral!

this is one of those perfumes i never wouldve picked but im so glad i recieved it as a gift i looked at the perfum shop online for you guys and there it retails for only £12.99 which is very reasonable for perfume. i love it beceause although i is quite an exotic and floral scent its definatly not sweet so its great as an evening perfume on just an everyday scent!the only thing i would say is although the bottle is quite big the actual perfume is only 30mls so it did run out quite quickly when i used to use it  nearly everyday but for the price i didnt mind and i love it!This perfume was released in 2005 so it actually quite old but it is avaiable at the perfume shop.

4. lacoste inspiration

this perfume i also got as a gift because i love lacoste perfumes i already had touch of pink and joy of pink so i was so excited to try this one out it is quite fuity but again not over sweet it is also not a strong scent but is very subtle which some people may not like in a perfume but i think its great for the lighter days where you want just a light fuity scent! this perfume retails at £16.54 but i just love it and think it a perfect edition to my collection!

3.lacoste touch of pink!

i told you guys i loved lacoste perfumes!! i didnt include joy of pink because i think it is quite similiar to touch of pink but i also love it!(it gets an honorable mention!)anyway i actually got touch of pink for the first time when i was in the states a few years ago and it was my first ever lacoste perfume and i have never stoped using it. it lasts really long im on my second bottle and ive used this perfume regularly for about 3 years!!it retails for £20.00 for is a very sweet and a feminin scent which i would also describe as a bit fruity with hints of orange and peach its also got very subtle undertones of jasmin and vanilla to give it quite a musky edge i love this perfume and it was my ultimate favourite for a long long time until this year. it is very youthful and i wouldnt recomend it to older women.

2.joop! thrill

this one was acually a birthday present from my brother (turns out he has very good taste in womens perfume!!) and i actually wasnt sure how much i would wear it at first because its not the scent i would usally go for but i found myself always going back for it and falling in love with it because it is so unique to my collection!i seen it for £22,98 online for 30mls but i think it is so worth the money!it is quite a sensual scent and is very good for dates etc. there is a male version as well but i just love love love this perfume and would be lost without it!

1.DKNY be delicious!!!

nice we reflexion of my camera.......

ok so i know alot of people have raved about this perfume but i love it so i dont care if calling it my favourite perfum makes me sound really mainstream! i first discovered this perfume in a perfume shop when a sales woman gave my one of those testers and it was like love at first sight!! ive actually had this perfume since last summer so ive loved it from before all of the hipe started on it . it retails at £15.00 for 30mls.i love this scent because it so so so refreshing it smells just like fressh apples and is so destinktive i will literally walk by someone in a resturant or in town and just know their wearing dkny be delicious! i havent tried the golden delicious and some people have said its even better than this one so if any of you know i would love for you to comment and tell me your thoughts! it would be much appriciated!!

anyways so  hope you enjoyed this post and i have alot more coming!! let me know of any requests of reviews etc.. thank you and i hope you have a great day!! <3

byee xo


  1. I def. want to get the DKNY Be Delicious perfume. Great review!

    1. thank you! and yea you should definatly try it <3


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