Thursday, 28 June 2012

guide to make-up brushes!

hey everyone! sorry i havent posted this week ive been so busy finishing off school but thats us finally off for summer so ive plenty of time now for blogging!! todays post is really a beginners guide to make-up brushes and the ones i think are essential for everyday make-up.hope you enjoy and find it useful and if you want to be updated on my posts please follow!

face brushes!

the first face brushes would use everyday is a foundation and a concealer brushes i would definatly recomend using a brush to apply and blend your foundation firstly because it gives a more professional even finish than using a sponge or your fingers and also because as long as you wash your brush regularly it means less germs get on your face as well because brushes have way less germs than fingers and used sponges!! usng a brush for your concealer also helps blend it better and look less cakey and the fine one also help concentrate on blemishes instead of blending concealer over the whole area and not fully covering the blemish!

fine concealer brush   concealer brush    foundation brush

The next brush i would use would be a powder brush which is just a big loose brush designed to set your foundation and concealor without smuging it i think powder is essential to set your makeup if you are going out for a lengh of time so your make up wont run even if you dont wear foundation powder also removes oily patches of skin giving a matte finish.apply the powder by dabbing it on of in circular motions to avoid smuging foundation etc.
next a blush brush. pretty obvious what this is for! i use it to apply blusher in circular motions to the apples of my cheeks.
the last face brush is an angled contour brush and i use this to contour my cheeks, jaw line, neck and temples they are good because they have are narrow to apply a line of bronzer to contour another brush which would be good for contouring would be a fan brush as they are also thin.
angled contour brush ...
fan brushes

eye brushes!

there are so many eye brushes out there but ive pick the top five that i think you could create any look from the first one is a lid brush which is a flat brush designed to spread colour all over the lid the next one is the angled crease brush with is angled to allow you to apply colour to your crease and more colour going to the outer part of your lid, the next brush is the highlight brush which is loose and quite large to apply highlight to your browbone,next is a thin brush for your tear duct area which is very dense to apply alot of colour and the last essential eye brush is a blending brush it is essential if you are using more than one colour on your eye if is large and loose so it wont smudge the colour and mix it all together but it will just blend the colours smoothly into each other giving a natural effect.heres all of the brushes i will label them below.......
tear duct bush   highlightbrush    crease brush     lid brush       blending brush

lip brushes

ok so usally when i apply more subtle lip colours i wouldnt use a brush but when you apply more bright vibrant colours like reds etc. i think they need to be perfect because any mistake will be very noticable! so these two brushes i use on the corners of my lips and cupids arrow



 lash and brow brushes!

ok and the last brushes i would call essential would be a brow comb and a lash brush the brow comb is just to help shape your brows and the lash brush i use to remove any clumps in my mascarra after i apply it so i guess it isnt essential but i think it is so so useful and use it everyday after i apply my mascarra!

so i hope you all enjoyed this post and it helped you! and another post is coming very soon now that im off for summer!!

oh and i wanted to ask you all for a favour ... at the minute im not really happy with the mascarra im using in was an inexpencive W7 mascarra and i used it anyway since it was ok but its been 3 months but i dont know what one to get so if you love your mascarra could you maybe leave a comment for me?? thanks <3        

                                                                      byee <3


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