Saturday, 30 June 2012

june favourites!!

Hey everyone so this months favourites are mostly beauty products because ive had exams and been finishing up school so i havent had much time to try alot of new make up looks or products ive just been doing my everyday look which you already know about ill link that blog post below...;postID=3661710472015901511

1.  the first favourite is my nivia moisturiser its so thick and so moisurising the only thing i would say is to apply it at night because it takes a while to completely absorb into the skin so i wouldnt apply it in the morning in case i look oily but this is the best moisturiser ive ever used so i would recomend it to anyone! It is available at superdrug for £3.95 -  think! (around that much anyway :/) you can get it in boots and ive also seen it in home bargins.
2.   next favourite is the wella schockwaves ultra strong power volume moose i have been applying this as part of my hair routine since may and i have noticed a big difference! it is very easy to apply and i apply it on a comb and comb it through my hair befor i blow dry it. i just love it so much at the minute and it is so easy!

it the same product in the two pictures the lightings just different haha ^
3. my next favourite is definatly my boots natural collection passionfruite body spray! iv had it since last novenber but havent really started using it till this month its so summery and fresh and gives a light fruity scent!its available at boots for £2.00!
4. my next favoutite if definatly the soap and glory glad hair day shampoo which again ive had for a while but only just redisscovered this month i just love it! it smells so good and lathers really well it leaves your hair so smooth and feeling so fresh!i got it at boots for £5.50 which is a bit pricey for a 250mls shampoo but i think it definatly worth it and will be repurchacing it! there is conditioners aswell in the glad hair day collection for the same price that i havent tried yet but i am excited to try them out!

5. on to my make-up favourites and my first one is the miss sporty pressed powder which i picked up at super drug for only £2.99! it gives a clean matte finish and takes away and shiney/oily areas of your face it also helps set your make-up and i have especially noticed for concealer it helps keep it on all day!

6. essence eyebrow designer in shade 04 blonde - this is a recent find that i got 2 weeks ago but i though i would show it anyway because i have used it everyday since! im quite happy with my natural eyebrow shape so i like to have a pencil just to fill it in lightly this pencil is good because it matches my brow colour exactly and comes wth a brush on the lid to shape your brows (i have to say tho i dont use to brush it comes with because i think its to small and fidgity so i would use my normal eyebrow comb) i would use it with a clear mascarra as my brow gel and i just love how easy it is! i picked it up for £1.99 at boots
7. the final product i have been using for ages now everyday and its about to run out :( so ill have to get it again soon and it is the rimmel london stay matte duel action concealer in shade 010 ivory it give really good coverage and stays on really well! i have oily under eyes and this concealer is the only on i have found that stays on all day it also has a green center which cancels out any redness on your face so it is perfect for blemishes! it is available at superdrug and boots for £4.99.
i really hope you all enjoyed this post and found it helpful please follow
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  1. Oh Nivea! I think they make some of the most amazing creams!

  2. i know!! i dont know what i would do without it haha <3

  3. i wonder where you got that conclear ? :L XX


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