Thursday, 27 September 2012

Review: rimmel stay matte powder!

hey everyone! firstly, if you saw this post up about an hour ago and clicked on it and there was only the pictures up sorry about that i was in the middle of writing this post id just uploaded these pictures and i have to go out i came back to realise i had published my half done review!! :o so sorry if that had you confused but its here now the full review!....

i got this powder simply because of the huge hype around it in the bbloger community and i was curious to see what everyone was so excited about and at first i have to say i wasnt sure about this powder i have combination skin and my under eye area is quite dry so when i put this powder on for the first time i notice the powder caking with the concealer i have on

i know it is powder and its job is to dry your skin but i just didnt like the look of that at all!
however, after a few weeks of avoiding it i decided to give it another change! and was very careful around my under eye makeing sure i had blended it well and i had absolutly no problem with it  i like the finish it gives and i had no shine all day!

id say im definaty joining the beauty bloggers raving about powder because since i started using it i havent stopped! id say its about a medium coverage unless ofcourse you get the transparent one and id say it last up to a good 6-7 hours because i have been wearing it to school everyday and it has kept my makeup looking the same all day!

the only think i would say is if you have dry skin this probably wont be for you, but to be honest if your skins really dry i dont think you need a powder at all! i hope you found this review really helfull

heres a picture of me wearing the powder...(dont know why its sideways!!)

hope you enjoyed!! love you <3


  1. I've been using the powder for ages and I still love it! it's cheap and it does the job! I use the transparent one :)

    1. i think i might try the transparent one too! haha xo

  2. I was about to get this last time I was at the drugstore, but then I accidentally dropped it on my way to checkout and the powder completely shattered. It was the only one left I ended up buying a different one. I still plan on getting the Stay Matte one though..the reviews are amazing!
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