Thursday, 16 August 2012

makeup emergency!

hey everyone! so the other day i made plans to go shopping with my friends and we planned to go in early to avoid the crowds at primark during the day but since its summer and I've been so used to sleeping in every day i woke up 25 minutes before i had to get the train!

 luckily i showered the night before so i through on my clothes got my self ready and decided to do my makeup on the train but i ended up taking as much time picking all the makeup i was going to wear and all the tools i would need and putting them im a makeup bag i might as well have just done my makeup!

so that long intro is basically what inspired this post,i decided to fill my makeup bag with an emergency make up kit for the next time i have a makeup emergency!
ok so in my emergency kit......

-concealer (natural collection)
            concealer i feel is one of the most important things to have as i think it makes such a
            difference to your face clearing up any imperfections!
-powder(miss sporty stay matte)
-bronzer (2true)
-blush (MUA)
             blush i think is a must because it adds colour to the face so you don't look like a ghost!

-brow pencil (essence)
             usually i would set my brow with gel etc. but i think this is a quick fix to your brows!
-eyeliner pencil (MUA)
-mascara (rimmel scandeleyes)
             mascara is a MUST! it makes such a difference for your hole face it completely opens your 
-lipstick (MAC "dressmaker")
              i thought a neutral lipstick would be best for my "kit" since a neutral lip would go with
               anything! and i put eyeliner and shadows in so i could make a more dramatic eye if i needed
               a more dressed up look.also this is a lustre lipstick so i feel it doesn't need a gloss (one
                less thing to worry about!)
-eyeshadow trio (rimmel)
                this trio is great because you can use it to create a neutral look or a more dramatic one!


-eyelash curlers
        these make such a difference to your lashes opening them making them look longer!
-lid brush
-blending brush
-blush brush (use for bronzer to!)

now i have my emergency kit sitting on my dressing table for the next time i have to pick it up and run out the door!

hope you all enjoyed this post it was quite a long one so well done for reaching the end!!
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                                      have you ever not had time to do makeup?
                                      what do you think of my idea?    <3 

                                              thanks for reading!


  1. if there isn't time for me to put on makeup, i make time! :p

    1. haha! i have a 20 minute train journey so i put that time to good use! haha xo <3

    2. I do the same thing as Mariah! haha:) xx

  2. That's a great idea! I bring my makeup in the car with me when I'm running late. I found you via the BBU Blog Hop! :)

  3. I love this idea. I have never really had this problem because as much as I love makeup, when I actually am running late, makeup is the last thing on my mind. But setting up an emergency bag is something I will start doing just in case :)
    I found your blog through the BBU Blog Hop =)


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