Sunday, 12 August 2012

laine blogger award!

hey everyone! so i have been nominated for the laine award by the lovely and gorgeous molly over at the make-up counter (check her out and follow her blog is amazing!!) thank you molly! <3

here are the rules..

Tag the blogger who awarded you.
Answer the five questions below.
Award 5 more bloggers the Laine Blogger Award.

the questions.......

1. What is your current beauty obsession?
wearing mascarra base!

2. What is one beauty item you wish you owned?
Nars products

3. What is your favourite post to read or write about?
I love reading toutorials and reviews and i love writing toutorials

4. What inspired you to become a blogger?
mostly reading other blogs and seeing how fun it could be to have your own space on the internet to write whatever i want and vent my obsession to people that share it! :)

5. What nail polish are you wearing now?
MUA shade 5  with BarryM nail effects..
my nomines....
neave at missmakeupalways505
zoe louise at the beauty shelf
loanna at the treasure chest
liv at livflorence
selma at meteo beauty

thank you molly again for this award! <3


  1. youre welcome Alana:) thankyou for mentioning my blog:) xx

  2. Alana what a girl you are! Thanks a bunch!♥♥♥



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