Thursday, 12 July 2012

eye makeup toutorial:sunkissed bronze

hey everyone!! so this toutorial is perfect for summer nights and is super simple,natural and quick!

step 1: first thing to do is apply your favourite eye primer to make the colours more vibrant and pop then take an eyeshadow brush and apply a gold eyeshadow as your base (all the colours im using are from the MUA heaven and earth pallet which is really good but only available in the U.K :( but any gold eyeshadow will be perfect!)

step 2:next using an angled crease brush apply a chocolate brown coloured eyeshadow to your crease and outer,lower lashline.then blend usng a blending brush.

blending brush                        angled crease brush          

step 3:using a pearly cream colour as your highlight appy this to you brow bone and tear duct area.

step 4: apply black or brown eyeliner (depending on how dramatic or natural you want the look) to your waterline and tightline.Curl your lashes and apply your favourite mascarra.

(if you have any fallout of eyeshadow,especially is you are using powders or pigments you can easily get rid these using a fan brush which will remove the fallout without smuging.)

so thats the finished look i hope you liked it and enjoyed reading! if you did be sure to follow and i hope you have a great day!

byee <3




  1. amazing i was thinking of doing a tutorial for my makeup look tomorrow ? what do you think xx

  2. Cool, I've been wanting to do a tutorial on my blog for a while, didn't think the photos would work. They do though, so I will give it a go! Nice post!


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